The Mission

A3 Avionics is improving the safety and comfort in the Sport Aviation by introducing avis500, a reliable and affordable fully integrated glass cockpit.
In general, a well-organized representation of the relevant flight information in the cockpit is crucial for a safe operation. In commercial aviation safety has been improved significantly through introduction of glass cockpit systems, which integrate relevant information and reduce the workload on the crew. Unfortunately, due to high costs, complexity and weight of such systems, integrated glass cockpits in sport planes are rather an exception. A typical cockpit in a sport aircraft consists of a huge number of classical instruments, which can result in an increased workload on the crew and misinterpretation of the relevant data. In addition, the records in the FAA accident data-base indicate that the largest single cause of accidents in general aviation are pilot’s errors resulting from a lack of situational awareness, or a loss of control due to excess workload.
A3 Avionics therefore developed avis500, a very reliable and affordable fully integrated glass cockpit system for sport aviation, by using recently introduced cutting-edge technologies.