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Aero 2007, success for A3
A3 announced the AVIS500 system to the public on AERO07 exhibition. A3 showcased one installment on a demo stand as well as the fully installed glass-cockpit-system in the Remos G3 testbed-aircraft.

AVIS500 was the only fully integrated glass cockpit system in the UL - LSA market.
" We pointed out the capability of a full integrated system, and showed the advantage over the stand alone EFIS boxes also intended for the UL - LSA category", CEO Christian Bonfert pointed out.
The system created high interest to visiting pilots and received very good feedback from multiple aircraft manufacturers.

Aero 2007 Friedrichshafen
A3 avionics will be present at Aero2007 at Friedrichshafen.
Please visit us at our booth in Hall B3.

Demonstrator in operation
A3 Avionics announces the maiden flight of the a3 factory demonstrator at LOWG.
The REMOS G3/600, a modern Light Sport Aircraft is equipped with the newly developed "avis500" fully integrated avionics suite.
Testpilot Gerhard Koller reported after the 45min testflight that the system is working according to plan. Test & evaluation flights will continue for the next 4 months.
The G3/600, built by REMOS aircraft in Germany, was chosen as testbed, due to it´s outstanding performance and flight characteristics.