The Company

A3 Avionics was founded by a team of highly competent engineers and professional pilots. A unique combination of experts resulted in development of leading edge avionic products, in particular the fully integrated glass cockpit avis500.
The team of A3 Avionics originates from the simulator business and developed flight simulators for airliners training. Still today, A3 is delivering highly professional simulator parts to well known simulator companies.
By working with such simulators the A3 team has been able to develop a very reliable and user-friendly glass cockpit. Namely, avis500 is based on very strict and well defined requirements developed with the help of the team’s pilot expertise and by taking into account large amounts of realistic data, obtained through different crews during more than 1000 hours of flight simulation.
In addition, as a result of the demonstrated technical know-how and experience in aerospace A3 found several partners in the light aircraft industry. That is the reason why A3 Avionic has a well tested fully integrated glass cockpit already today.