AVIS 500

A3 Avionics fully integrated glass cockpit is called avis500. On the one hand AVIS, Latin for the bird, refers to the lightness and simplicity of the system. On the other hand AVIS stands for Advanced Versatile Instrumentation System, which describes mainly the flexibility and progressiveness of this state of the art avionic.
A3 Avionics avis500 provides an answer to the change in operational requirements for modern avionics in sport aviation, also on aircrafts with limited instrument panel space.
The systems clean up the traditional instrument panel, just two displays plus three control panels – the answer to future demands and airspace regulations.
The System consists of a Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and a Multi Function Display (MFD). Integrated Flight Director and GPS created LNAV as well as Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System are only a few features provided by avis500. Integrated FMS flight planning functions and an Auto Pilot module for up to three axes are further highlights.

A3 Avionics is providing state of the art solid state Attitude and Heading Reverence System and an Air Data and Engine Interface Box. Additionally the system accepts standard ARINC 429 signals, provides comparator functions and issues audio warnings to the pilots. All essential information is presented on crystal-clear TFT flat screens.
Cleared altitude and the outright route – everything can be programmed before takeoff, greatly enhancing situational awareness during the entire flight.
Different MAP formats are available, CDI and two pointers can be selected to various sources, so you get clear picture of your navigational situation and you will never get lost.